The Murphy Moonshine Recipes date back 100’s of years to Belfast, Ireland where it was then called Irish whiskey. In 1852, John Franklin Murphy brought the Old World Family Recipes to the United States at the young age of ten. John was also a Civil War Hero fighting for the Confederate Army, John lost both an arm and a leg in his battles.  A true story has been written about the life of John Murphy who served in the Confederate Civil War titled “A True Confederate Hero” by Susan Runnels Myers.  John being the first of five generations to produce this fine Murphy Family Moonshine in the United States, settled in Gaston County Crouse, North Carolina where all five generations of Murphy boys were raised.

The first son to be born in the United States in 1876 was Samuel Osborn Murphy, Samuel also at the very young age of ten learned to master the moonshine tradition from his father John. Samuel’s son Warren Osborn Murphy, was born in 1899, and soon the same tradition of making Moonshine, was passed down to him. Warren was the one with a real enterprising spirit, together with his cousin, John Chalmas Murphy, they expanded the family business selling their moonshine into Baltimore, Pittsburgh, all the way to Chicago during the years of prohibition, from 1920 to 1933. Warren’s son Robert Gene Murphy was born in 1931, he carried the torch until his son Ricky Gene Murphy was born in 1951. Today under the watchful eye of Caroline and Robbie Delaney owner's of Muddy River Distillery, we can assure our customers a wonderful smooth flavor profile with a slight hint of corn with both our original white and flavored moonshines . Also a thank you to the last of the Murphy Boys, Rick for sharing these long lost recipes that made it possible for the public to enjoy.